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Nich serves as a mixing and mastering engineer in the Greater NYC area, working on records for local, national, and international clients on a weekly basis. He has had the pleasure of working with such artists as Dan MWale, AGE of the BEAR, Reuben Reuel, Trombroski, Letters From Mom, and Alohai.



AGE of the BEAR, Rivers - Master

Anderson Paak, "Am I Wrong (Elio Flip)" - Master

Kevin Moffat, "Snap Turtle"  -  Mix & Master

Letters From Mom, "I'll Find My Way"  -  Mix & Master

Letters From Mom, "LSD"  -  Mix & Master

Maximilli0n, "Blue"  -  Mix & Master

Maxwell Lindsay, "When You Tell Me" -  Engineer, Production, Mix & Master

"Beautiful Disaster" (Mir Remix)  -  Master

Reuben Reuel, Inertiaˆ- ˆEngineer, Mix & Master

Reuben Reuel, "Slow" - Engineer, Mix & Master

S!lky Jones & Trombroski, "Boxed In" - Engineer, Production & Mix

Vilarie Manuel, "Diamonds"  -  Master

Vilaire Manuel, "Don't Slip"  -  Master

Vilaire Manuel, "Mi Amor"  -  Master

Vilaire Manuel, "Pressure"  -  Master


Alohai, "Facetime"  -  Mix & Master

Blu, "Betterdays"  -  Mix & Master

Chris Rhoadz, "Everytime"  -  Mix & Master

Dan MWale, "Dan's Interlude"  -  Mix & Master

Dan MWale, "Jet Lagged"  -  Mix & Master

Dan MWale, "100 Million"  -  Mix & Master

PARTYNEXTDOOR, "Freak In You"  (NC Cover)  -  Mix & Master

Daniel Caesar, "Get You" (NC Cover)  -  Engineer, Mix & Master

Rody Akono, "LAMBORGHINI"  -  Mix & Master

SaddiqyTheNyeGuy, "Potent"  -  Mix & Master

S. 4. M. S. C. ø. T. T., The Night Before  (EP)  -  Mix & Master

YGeeta, "Mr. Bacc2damoney"  -  Mix & Master

YGeeta, "Sauced Up"  -  Mix & Master


AGE of the BEAR, Creeks  (EP) - Master

Bjorkestra, "Whö is it"  (Cover)  - Mix & Master

Dustin Koykas, Destinations (Album)- Master

Pentatonix, "Run To You"  (Cover)  - Production, Engineer, Mix & Master

S!lky Jones, "Untitled"  (Garrett Garneau Demo Reel) - Production, Engineer, Mix & Master

subtle cheetah, Call for Scores 2020 - Engineer, Mix & Master

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